Wednesday, July 05, 2006

When the point hits home it hits HARD!

Well it's been a couple of days since I've updated so I'll go through whats happened for you real quick:

- Canada Day was crazy, and I got drunk
- Worked on Canada Day in the morning and I got a meaty double time and a half for it. The wallet is pleased.
- had to gas up the cars at crazy gas prices. The wallet is sad.

Yeah it's not a whole lot really, just another day in the somewhat mundane life of chris chan.

So today happens and I go into work and one of the guys on my team is leaving, he's moving to Calgary with his girlfriend and he's going out there to make use of his piece of paper he got from University. It's kinda sad seeing as how the team of guys I work with is pretty close knit, but the moment hit me on another scale. And that was that I am moving. I'm moving in 2 months and it's coming FAST.

It never quite hit me like this before I've been talking about it for a while, almost about a year infact. It just never sunk in that this was happening until it happened for someone else in my group. It's kinda nuts. Im moving away from home, from Kanata, from a place that I have lived for 23 years of my life (my life up to this point) and now.. it seems HUGE. I'm not too worried since I still have 2 months to pack stuff up (realistically a month and a half) and then sort out all loose ends, visit family, enjoy times with friends. I think the biggest factor is that the months have been moving at mach speed and it'll feel like yesterday when I wrote this and the next day I'll be saying bye to my house, my family here in Ottawa (Hell I should be saying east coast!) and getting on a plane to take the next step to the rest of my life. It's almost surreal, and Im pretty sure Im over analyzing it, but it feels like this is it, it's do or die sink or swim time. In fact it felt like my first priority was to put it up here on this blog what I felt at the moment so here it is! live and uncut feelings of anxiety and excitement all rolled into one... HOLY SHIT BALLS!

that is all..

oh yeah, I'll post up some more artwork soon either tomorrow or the day after.