Thursday, December 11, 2008

So... the years pretty much over eh?

Well, it's been since freakin APRIL since I updated my blog. Lots of things have happened and it's been a busy summer. And here we are in December. I guess one way of looking at it is that this blog reflected exactly how this year went, fast.

Anyway, heres a quick update on things for the whole under 3 people that visit this site!

OK so here's a piece I did because well I like Earthbound and I've been playing Mother 3 (North America knows it to be Earthbound 2 in the series) anyway, awesome game. I thought it deserved fan art, so there!

So since I'm done work now, me and friends I worked with go to the mall to sketch on occasion. So here are a couple of people!

During the process of drawing at the mall, my mind tends to wander alittle so I end up drawing uhh... video game stuff... which it seems like my mind is stuck in alot these days...

More mall people, I like the guy eating with his back facing me, and the girl on her cell phone. Oh and the guy that has the siren on his head is the mall security that roll around on roller blades.

Ok so lastly mall people and uhh... Chun Li.. she was at burger king..

Anyway, I swear I'm back on the train and I'm hoping I'll be updating, infact I'm going to go back and clean up some old pictures and post the progress as I go so hopefully updates... soon... yes...