Friday, January 30, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

And so we begin once again! Another year passes and for once I didn't make a New Years post. Oh well, It'd probably be kinda emo anyway!

So to start off, I think I have a really good feeling about this year. I don't know how to describe it... but I just feel really good about this year. And I'm determined to learn a lot and build a lot as an artist. So with that begin said, I've started going over old work I've had and I'm bringing it back to life to fix it then colour it. Now, if you don't know me personally, that alone is pretty hard for me to accomplish since I get demotivated part way through so I end up never really finishing... anything.

But this year... NO MORE!

Anyway, I'll stop talking and introduce the first piece I've been working on.

OK so I posted this last year and it was something I had done from a little while back. It's Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. And as you can see here... disaster.. Proportions are all over the place and I clearly ran out of room on my paper.

Enter the next phase and I brought the picture into sketchbook and started resizing and cutting, moving and reorienting things around. This helped me get alot of issues cleared up and I decided to go with more realistic proportions as oppose to my really shitty ones and the ones used by the original artist and the game sprites.

Lastly, the final line cleaned up version. Now getting here was... kinda rough. First things first, I had to crack out some freaking references for this character. Discovering details I didn't know existed from looking at some of the art references for the character. I had to look at images of the figures and resin kits that existed to find that I was missing a leather skirt under what I thought was a skirt to begin with. Then to find out how much detail is on the wings on the boot section, and then the boots... well if you look at the previous one was in terms of details then you'll see what I had to add. For my first real digital clean up, I was pretty happy. Or do I have a reason to be happy? -_-;

The Second picture I thought I'd do is Aigis from Persona 3. I liked the original of this piece but after going over it I discovered that it had some issues when referencing more official art from the game. Also another annoying thing about this character.. well and the previous one, is just... retarded amounts of detail. anyway, this one is just a reference for resizing and moving stuff around.

Second one is just a semi overlay of the final. I only ended up using one layer on this but I really should have used some more. Oh well. In this one it's basically how I realigned things that should have been a certain way before and also accenting certain details like giving her defined legs as oppose to... stumps...

Final product, one really annoying thing to finish but I'm happy with the results and that it's done. the details that I remember taking the longest where probably the hips, arm and gun segments with ammo caches, shoulders. Anything that suppose to be see through grate kinda things.

Next week I'll post other pieces I've been working on redoing, and some new stuff that I started working on last minute!

It's a great start to the year, and it feels good to draw again after taking a long hiatus from it. Just gonna keep on givin 'er!