Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let Your Back Bone Slide

Actually it's more like I let my blog duties slide really. But none the less here I am with an update with more.. STUFF!! Yeah!

Anywho... On to da drawins

So Continuing from where I left last left off I was working on Kaneda and I can safely say that it's finally done.. sort of, at least in preliminary. I started off by taking my line clean up and well adding shadow. I'm kinda happy with the result. Also that I haven't added shadows or colours to any of my pics in a while. So it was nice to have some depth in my pieces. My friends out here have been pretty supportive in providing critiques and pointers so I'm going to continue working on this piece.

OK so heres Kaneda in colour. I tried going with a washed look at first because I wanted to look like he's reacting to an explosion of some sort. Eitherway, it was fun to get back into colour since I've had a... phobia of colour ruining my stuff. But luckily with today's modern age of digital colouring I can get over that. So while this is just a first step, I feel this is something I'll try and make a standard over time and start finishing pieces up.

OK while this isn't a great piece of work... it's my blog and I do what I want. ha ha ha! Eitherway, I still really like cars. My friends and I were discussing about how car designs these days are all shifting around so I was just drawing while talking. yeah not that great but whatever!

So I had been tuning into this show called Mad Men which is all about the 1950's and the age when the US really came into money during it's post WWII period. So I'd been listening to the soundtrack to that and some music in Bioshock (same period roughly) and decided to do a piece using the edged marker. Kind of fun and an experiment and looks sorta neat.

Well thats about it for this time. I'll try and keep things scheduled like last time and post the big thing I've been working on next time!

Stay tuned!

all 3 of you...