Thursday, December 11, 2008

So... the years pretty much over eh?

Well, it's been since freakin APRIL since I updated my blog. Lots of things have happened and it's been a busy summer. And here we are in December. I guess one way of looking at it is that this blog reflected exactly how this year went, fast.

Anyway, heres a quick update on things for the whole under 3 people that visit this site!

OK so here's a piece I did because well I like Earthbound and I've been playing Mother 3 (North America knows it to be Earthbound 2 in the series) anyway, awesome game. I thought it deserved fan art, so there!

So since I'm done work now, me and friends I worked with go to the mall to sketch on occasion. So here are a couple of people!

During the process of drawing at the mall, my mind tends to wander alittle so I end up drawing uhh... video game stuff... which it seems like my mind is stuck in alot these days...

More mall people, I like the guy eating with his back facing me, and the girl on her cell phone. Oh and the guy that has the siren on his head is the mall security that roll around on roller blades.

Ok so lastly mall people and uhh... Chun Li.. she was at burger king..

Anyway, I swear I'm back on the train and I'm hoping I'll be updating, infact I'm going to go back and clean up some old pictures and post the progress as I go so hopefully updates... soon... yes...


Monday, April 28, 2008

New Stuff! (Part 2 of 2)

Ok so all this stuff in this post is stuff within the past 2 weeks or so, so now we're within the really recent stuff, along with the post I made on friday of last week. Anyway this one I was goofing aroudn with more kung-fuish poses and then MUPPET BATTORU. Did you ever have one of those raggity dolls you whipped around when you were a toddler? What if they had a KUNG FU FIGHT!? Maybe it'd look like this?

I really slowed down on drawing in general so now I'm finding I need to just do more posing to make sure I don't get things too stiff. Oh man, if my design teacher Tom saw this he'd be crying... heck, he probably is still crying "How is Chris working in animation?! He's still got so much too learn!!"
Once again more posting, oh man this girl on the left the torso is too huge and I don't even know what happened to her hips and mid section. The picture on the right I was trying to get the heavier hips going and push the pose from a different angle. Then I thought, what if I made it look like Chun Li from SF Alpha.. and then she was Chun Li from SF Alpha...
Heres more Early works with posing, gotta get my posing down and try and make them stronger. Also posing out some of the character from the show I'm working on. Except for the girl in the magician outfit. She's a shrunken version of Trucy Wright from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for Nintendo DS. (Awesome game, totally recommend it for good story and hilarious characters)
Posing posing and more posing. Just trying to get stronger posing again and shake the rust off. My personal favorite is the guy in the top left pulling a one cheek sneak.
OK so these guys here are from an idea I had with my boss Glen about making a character whose a washed up mexican wrestler who works at a 7 eleven. I really tried to do a more Ren and Stimpy style of face design and really push expressions more.
This is a quick panel of a short idea I came up with for my friend Ragnar's characters he came up with. They're all looking a a smashed bread bun instead of what you might think to be is.... doo doo... Either way I thought it was funny

Posing posing and more posing once again, really trying to get back into things. You can probably tell that some of the poses I have are repeated again. Just because I really want to push characters further, and thats what all my teachers used to say so that idea has always stuck with me.

Anyway thats the end of the big update! 4 posts in one night or... one morning.. gah it's 3am.. and I gotta be up at 7:45... well... I'm boned... but for everyone else looking, ENJOY!

leave a comment, suggestions whatever I'd love to hear from whoever comes to this blog! (probably not many... ahh.. my people....)

New Stuff! (Part 1 of 2)

OK so time for some current stuff! Here some quick posing I was doing for the show I'm workin on now, just goofing around with the characters abit. (The quick sketches on the middle to top right are done by Glen Kennedy, our studios animation director, stand up guy with loads of experience in the field (remember He-man? thats what I mean by experience) and is an awesome guy to work for) Wanna find out more about this show, check out the company website here!

This is a character Aigis from a game called Persona 3. I liked her design alot since she contrasted so much to the rest of the class that was mainly in a school uniform.

Some quick sketches of posing another character from the show I'm working on, and the bottom right is.. uhh Andrew W K's guide to partying hard. My friend Shaun and I got into his music for about a week until we started throwing our backs out from partying too hard... hence 'fig 3.' remember boys and girls, party hard, but party with good posture

Kaneda from Akira, I realized I had never done any artwork from Akira. Maybe because I was too afraid of it being way off model and well.. this is no exception hahaha!

These are 2 more sketches of characters from Persona 3. The one on the top right is Aigis again. And the bottom left is the main character. It was suppose to be a larger picture and his head isn't suppose to just be exploding there was suppose to be something else. But to explain it would take me a while and I dont feel like doing it, so... just google Persona 3 to find out if you want too!

Older Art (Part 2 of 2)

This girls got a plane on her head. I don't know what inspired it, maybe I thought it'd be cool to do someone with a plane for head gear!

Ok first off.. yeah I know she's a bit mis-proportioned hahaha! She's a character from a game called Odin Sphere on PS2. It sucks when you put a lot of detail into a picture only to realize that your proportions are off

This manga-esqe panel is from something I drew up for my friend John of both his car (the NSX) and my car in a Wangan Midnight style highway race.

This one is from work during Grossology, I think this was from the second time I got a scene to do in the show so I had to tackle doing more lip syncing and posing out my scenes ahead of time. I don't do that much anymore, and looking at this I figure maybe I should start doing it again, it was a lot of fun.

Ninja girl with super forced perspective! I always liked doing forced perspective stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's wrong in alot of places

This guy is a character from a game called 'Cave Story' done by an indie game developer. I played alittle bit of it but I never finished it. It was pretty good though, total 8-bit throw back to good platformers.

When I was at Mercury there was a posting around about making an idea for a short we could do. It kind of got me thinking about a fun show involving teenage kids so I sort of drew this random girl with a mean tilt on to her head. Oh and a quick sketch of katamari sort of looking character. Maybe he has an Arkanoid ship for a head or something.

Anyway thats all for my older stuff. I didn't have a whole lot of time to draw at the old studio.. or maybe that was the excuse I made for myself hahaha!

Older Art (Part 1 of 2)

a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes featuring 2 character from a show I worked on.

Tried doing some more north american styled work

The old Mercury office got pretty hot in the summer, I had to buy a fan but sometimes it wasn't enough.. hence... and no I'm not looking at porn

This character is a detective from Grossology, I really liked his character design because his gruff look really contrasted the rest of the cast, so I thought I'd stick him in a "Sin City" styled picture
Some of the guys at work got these funkie toys so I tried doing alittle version thingy of them, and I think I was playing Advance Wars at the time so I drew a funny looking tank.

Well as promised from my previous posted I made last week, I said I'd be updating more frequently!

So! Here beings my update of actual artwork to my site once again! This post and the next one are posts from stuff I did in early 2007 to November 2007. and yeah.. theres only 2 posts worth of pictures, hows that for drawing alot... ughh.. Either way, what better way to make up for lost time then to dump pictures all over the site!

So all the stuff in this post and the next post are older stuff. The post previous to this is alot more recent. After these 2 older art posts I'll have about 2 posts of stuff I've done at the new studio I'm working at.

In the meantime enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Holy Crap!! an UPDATE!??!

Yup!  it's time for a much needed update!  Here how about some pictures!  They're super shitty!

I've been fooling around with the tablet at work.  I haven't really drawn in a while and I have some stuff to scan as well.  Bare with me!  I'm getting back into my drawing thing!

Well it's been almost a year since my last post.  Lots of stuff has happened as per usual.  And now for a quick point form update!

- Lost job last november
- new job started in January
- new job is pretty awesome, no more late nights and weekends!
- feeling that my animation has improved 10 fold now that I'm free to explore the range of animation
- got to meet the character designer for Cowboy Bebop, and character designer that did Escaflowne and Chrono Cross, and got to meet the director of Mushishi and Now and Then, Here and There.
- Went on a friggin wicked road trip from Vancouver to LA, then drove from LA to Rosarito, Mexico and then all the way back in a car thats 4 years older then me.
- Did a track day with the car, the feeling of going back to a track after 3 years was amazing... loved it!
- Friend John just added another name to the Chu Family tree!

I know thats not everything, but it's all I can think of off the top of my head!

Anyway, I know I said this before as well, but I plan to post more regularly!  Now that I have time, and can have a social life etc.

Anyway, it's good to be back!