Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So where were we?

OK so... it's been 4 months since my last post... well. Lots of stuff has happened where do I start? Actually I know how I'll post up stuff that I was suppose to put up ages ago and we'll go from there. So 2 posts back, here is what I was suppose to post and it was my living room with the new TV. So! Here they are!

So as you can see on the left (hopefully the template shows them that way) is the new living room upgraded to now official geek palace status. Huge ass TV and computer provided and funded by my buddy Dan Carter. This meaty thing is now our crazy ass setup. Most of the time we just watch stuff we download and it's damn good at doing that.

Anyway, luxury stuff aside here's as much of an abbreviated version of whats happened over the last couple of months has happened.

- My friend Jarrett moved out here and is now living on my couch, having a good time except when it comes to his job (don't talk to him about it)
- I finished Grossology finally and I am glad it's done
- Working on a new show called Gerald Mc Boing Boing and it is leagues better then Gross because it's on 2'S!!!! and if your an animator you can understand this.
- Things have cleared up at work with my supervisors so that's all good.
- Visited Ottawa for the first time in almost a year which was a relaxing and enjoyable trip home.
- Family issues came up but wont get into.
- My grandmother on my moms side celebrated her 80Th birthday which was fantastic to see the family all together.
- I got a new bike and it's fantastic as well.
- I acquired a car with the collaborative help of Dan once again.
- and my friend Dan has also acquired a Japanese girlfriend!

That basically sums up the time in between.

So to go over things, I'll go over a couple of things here and there:

So my friend Jarrett is out here and it's been great. While things on his job front have been keeping his mind preoccupied, he's enjoying himself and I'm really enjoying his company and catching up on old times. I went to High School with Jarrett and well the story of how we met is interesting. I'll keep it short. I met Jarrett because I liked his girlfriend allot (Risa Hiriyama) so me not liking him because he's the guy in my way, I got to know him for the sake of doing intel on him. (You know the quote, "Know thy enemy" well that's pretty much what I was doing) After I got to know him it turns out he wasn't a bad guy at all and the best part is that he's my artistic friend. What I mean by that is that I have my 2 friends, Justin and Dan. They are programmers and back in the day they used to bounce ideas off each other to improve each others programming skills. I never had that. But when I met Jarrett I found a friend who I can relate to, and we shared very similar views, humor, etc. So now that he's out here I have a chance to talk with him again after 5 years he went away for Sheridan now he's out here getting a job. Crazy how life works out. Anyway, Jarrett is living with me till his girlfriend Bianca comes out here and then their going to find a place to live (looking forward to Bianca coming out!) But either way it's nice to see that he's here and that he's here to stay for a while. And while we occasionally reminisce about old times, I can only think of all the good times ahead now that he and Bianca will be out on the west coast to roll in the good times!

As for work, it's going well. I still find that I have to stay late nights to get stuff done, but since we're working on a new show it'll take sometime before I get totally comfortable but already I feel that things have leveled out and that I'm making good progress. My supervisors aren't giving me any problems. And generally everything is very easy going so I couldn't ask for much more. (Maybe some more money, but then again that's dependent on my work habits heh heh)

Visiting home was a nice experience. the funny thing about it is that after arriving I realized that nothing really much had changed. and while I've only been gone for a year, the time between felt like forever. But when I got back it felt like I hadn't left. But seeing family and friends is what really made this trip. Cleaning up my house was a very gratifying thing to do as well. For those who don't know me, my house is... well it was a pack rat house and still sort of is. But going through things and cleaning it up was good feeling, my mom needed the push and I'm glad that I could help. And while I didn't fix everything that my mom had down on the list, I feel I got a good amount of stuff covered.

It's funny typing these out it doesn't seem like I have much of a purpose for it... or maybe it's just that there doesn't seem to be any points of conflict in my life and I'm not being as reflective as I was in my last posts. I guess maybe life has been going so well for me that I nothing provocative to say. Or maybe I just can't think of anything to say that I can reflect on deeply. So you know what... I think I'll stop this post here, and until I can think of something cool to reflect on I'll share it with everyone. Because so far it just seems like a long and sort of boring look at how life is peachy.

With that I'll finish it up with this. Life is good, too good right now. But as I know from experience, and not to be a pessimist. But something along this road, I will run into a construction zone, the thing I know I have is that I have family and friends who care for me and it'll make all the bumpy roads in the road ahead feel like I'm riding on a pillow. And for my family and friends, I truly am thankful.