Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's been a busy month, and heres the update! At least I'm still drawing?

Well that's what I would be saying if any of these were kinda recent. but in keeping with my rule to post at least once a month, I thought I'd have more to show.. anyways, one piece is something I'm working on just for fun with my characters from the book I worked on. The other 2 are from a Wii game called No More Heroes. So again to no one in particular who comes here... enjoy!

Rough under layer, clean up layer on top, however still working out some proportions, need to fix up the ninja womans head a bit. Still need to finish up the pirate guy.

No More Heroes Character Shinobu, really liked her design, sat down and drew this kinda on the fly. As you can see, still really enjoying the custom brush.

Total rush job on the colour with this.. not too happy with the outcome but hey, at least I'm making more effort to colour stuff!

Last one is the main character from NMH, Travis Touchdown. Really liked the game, thought that Travis needed some artwork so again doing crazy perspective with no reference to perspective (again my teachers would kill me), I'm just trying to get a wacky shot down. I will get around to finishing that, sooner then later hopefully!