Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Layout Update and side project intro!

Ok so here's and update that was suppose to come a while ago but didn't make it because I've been working on a couple of things on the side. Lately things have been kinda busy, kind of exciting, and kinda shitty. but then again when is life ever not really full of that stuff.

Anyway, here is part 1 of the side project I'm working on. I'm making this big piece for this game Persona 4. I liked it alot, and it's become one of my favorite rpgs in recent memory other then Mass Effect. anyway I thought I'd do one character Chie and here she is.

Layer for structure n such. Probably should have posed more. I really need to pose more often.

part 2 with clothes and just to get a general idea of where everything is

and clean up! Oh boy I can't draw hands. and probably some of my anatomy needs some work but I was kinda happy with it and I wanted to keep moving with other pieces.

Number 2 is Yosuke and I started actually posing out this guy. I probably should have done more but I was also thinking of making this into a full piece with all 8 characters. So there were certain poses I wanted everyone to have and hopefully they'd compile together ok.

Posing page

My first pose was this one I went with, and I got a good way into it when I wasn't too happy with it over all anymore when I was close to done. The character himself is pretty energetic and outgoing so I didn't think this pose really showed that enough.

The second pose I ended up liking way more, now I just need to put some weapons in his hands and actually finish doing proper clean up and maybe fix some proportions.. after posting this I'm starting to see things that need fixing...

anyway, thats the short update for now. Maybe I'll try and streamline my updates so I just post the rough clean, clean, then colour. or something... I'll think about it more when the time comes ha ha ha!