Monday, February 09, 2009

Good year indeed...

Well second month in and I'm a bit off from where I wanted to be in terms of progress with things but oh well. Life's been going very well so far, but February is kind of off to a rough start. Either way, here's a quick update of things I've been working on.

The last time we hit up the mall for drawing I remembered that I hadn't done backgrounds in a while. (Maybe for a good reason) I started just drawing the malls food court, sans people. I didn't really do any perspective lines so I imagine I'm off all over the place in terms of vanishing point, either way it was nice to try tackling some high detail scenery. uhh minus all the real detail that the mall had.

Back to the old pieces I had been working on, Jarrett suggested that I try revamping my old Kaneda pic that I had done a while back. So heres the original.

I sort of like the other drawings I didn't really make a layer for structure, I thought the pose was ok so I just went ahead and started with a fresh layer over top and started hacking away at it. Like the previous pictures I had to go back and reference for more details on the characters clothing, gun and battery pack for laser gun, which wasn't a belt clip but a shoulder belt slung battery.

And heres the final product with everything I could think of putting in for detail. another piece ready to colour when I have the time, once I finish up my other semi big piece I'm working involving about 8 characters or so. Fun... Either way. Just gotta keep working at it, get back on the train, and hope that my life outside of art will return to normal towards the end of the month. Hopefully...