Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The drawing train keeps on chuggin along!

And so it's time for this months update! Truth be told I could probably make more posts in a month but I find one big update just saves time. So here's whats new!

OK so.. to kick things off, these are some roughs I was working on for the next book we're working on. If your wondering what was happening with this.. well I can't even explain.. all I can say was it was early morning. Dino Riders and Street Sharks!!

Just a quick posing page, not sure why I posted it. I kinda like the girls pose and the guy that's doing the upper cut

So I got a chance to go back and work abit more on Ryu and Ken, I just did the grey shading but I'll probably end up revisiting this one more time for colour.

One thing I got a kick out of while in animation school was doing BG's. I loved getting lost in them and adding things here or there. Maybe that's why I like doing detail oriented work so much. Either way, here's a rough of the BG I'll be doing which is the pathway leading up to a shinto temple.

Another piece I got further along in finishing is the postlogue piece to my pirate ninja zombie characters. I finished up the pirate guy and messed with the ninja woman's face more. I'll start colouring as soon as I can find the time. Probably when I stop giving myself other work I need to finish heh heh!

Yet another piece that I'm close to finishing or well I finished doing clean up on is Travis from No More Heroes. I want this piece to look like stock art so I'll need sometime to get the colours right and find a good filter layer to get that gritty look.

ok so heres a piece that I sat down and did last night and I started off with a car, I really liked the design of this car (It's an Renault Alpine A110) So I sketched off the car, then wanted to ad more stuff to it instead of just the car. One thing I've discovered about how I draw is that I always like to add a story to things when I can. Even something to give it some depth or reason I like doing it.

What started as a relatively simple piece got me going on BG's again. I'll sit down and finish these pieces I swear. But anyway, I was going for a european mountain road that runs along the Spanish coast where theres a small village and a gorgeous view of the sea. I can see the image in my head, but drawing the town will be a pain hahaha!

Finally, as you might have noticed I changed my page around again. And with the new page layout I figured I'd change the top banner for it. So I finished that piece a while ago and thought I'd just leave it and move on. But now that I see it everytime I load up my blog.. the errors stab my eyes.. so! I decided that I'd do some quick work to redo it and probably make it look better and actually accurate. I should be able to finish this one up pretty quickly.

Anyways, thanks to all who come visit! Feel free to comment, suggest, criticize!