Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artwork, Layout Update Again BIG UPDATE!

OK so heres the update to finish up all the P4 Fan work I've been doing. Finally got around to it because I finally got around to actually FINISHING the freakin game! Anyway, same format as last time, it's a big post of sorts... but! Next time I'll be updating the the project I've been working on with friends and hopefully I'll have a new link to post up to our site where we'll be selling the book n stuff!

Anyway heres the "new stuff" (it's actually been done for a couple of months so I figured I'd stagger my posts so it looks like I'm doing something hahaha!)
So first piece is this character Rise, I played around with how I was going to put her on the page hence the posing roughs. In the game shes more of an information character (provides enemy stats etc. So she doesn't really fight. Hence no weapon.

Final product I decided to go with this pose. I was also thinking about how I was going to comp everything together in the end. This isn't quite done because I kind of need to have her holding on to her glasses. oh and the arrow is suppose to be pointing to her chicken legs I need to thicken up abit.

This was my rough for Yukiko.. ugh looking back at her anatomy there are things I can fix up here and her pose might be abit stiff but I tried pushing it abit. no it's stiff... Anyway I find I end up doing nekkid posing then just add details afterwards.

And heres the clean up, still have some things to fix though. Lines are too thick in certain areas which make it stand out compared to the other ones when comp'd together. And she has a couple of spare hands on the side since I was debating what I was going to do with her hand not holding the fan. Hair also needs to be cleaned up... at some point.

Naoto was easier to come up with a pose because I thought about what pose I'd give her ahead of time and sort of charged at it. I think this one was actually the fastest one I did next to the main character.

Here's the clean up but again it's not done completely. The gun is suppose to have a line coming from the handle (Japanese cops have a string on their gun that attaches to their holsters) and she's missing her glasses as well. I should probably also draw through to the feet but then again they're going to get cut off anyway.

This is the Main Character. For this one I also had the idea in mind before I started so I just dove at it. The rough really isn't too much different from this version. Except again missing glasses.
Kanji (above) was also suppose to be easy because I had a pose in mind I wanted to run with in terms of how it would work with comp. However I ended up trying out another pose which turned out to be the one above. In the end I didn't like how it turned out. The angle and the top torso didn't make much sense and I started cheating hard with the jacket to try and make the pose work but it didn't pan out, so I went back and did it over. But I liked the head so I kept that.

So yeah the last one I liked alot better, the top torso seemed to read better and I didn't cheat with the coat to hide details. Also incase your wondering. His weapon is a folding chair. Thats right.

Last of the single characters is Teddie. I did a couple of funny drafts for him but I ended up liking this one the best. Kinda cute character making a stupid face then suddenly RAZOR SHARP CLAWS. I wasn't a huge fan of his design but he was pretty fun to draw.

And Heres the final comp'd together! I was originally going to wait to put it all together once I was finished colouring them but this was pretty helpful since I needed to know how everyone was going to sit on the final piece. Also to double check my line work and proportions. Things turned out... ok but some character sizing is abit off so I might have to play around with their placement. And putting all these guys together chugged my computer down hard (think hi-res images... 8 layers of them...)

Anyway this side thing was pretty fun to do, I still need to finish it, but it was a good experience in doing clothing folds and trying to get suttle structure down. Albeit stiff structure. But hey always something to work on right?

Anyway next update look forward to news about the side project I've been working on and hopefully a site to plug for the blog as well!


justine pulles. said...

Hey nice work!!!! I really like seeing the original and then the cleaned up work after, it's cool to see the progression!! :D

macaronni said...


I think I have a thing for cute pigtail girls :P