Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The drawing train keeps on chuggin along!

And so it's time for this months update! Truth be told I could probably make more posts in a month but I find one big update just saves time. So here's whats new!

OK so.. to kick things off, these are some roughs I was working on for the next book we're working on. If your wondering what was happening with this.. well I can't even explain.. all I can say was it was early morning. Dino Riders and Street Sharks!!

Just a quick posing page, not sure why I posted it. I kinda like the girls pose and the guy that's doing the upper cut

So I got a chance to go back and work abit more on Ryu and Ken, I just did the grey shading but I'll probably end up revisiting this one more time for colour.

One thing I got a kick out of while in animation school was doing BG's. I loved getting lost in them and adding things here or there. Maybe that's why I like doing detail oriented work so much. Either way, here's a rough of the BG I'll be doing which is the pathway leading up to a shinto temple.

Another piece I got further along in finishing is the postlogue piece to my pirate ninja zombie characters. I finished up the pirate guy and messed with the ninja woman's face more. I'll start colouring as soon as I can find the time. Probably when I stop giving myself other work I need to finish heh heh!

Yet another piece that I'm close to finishing or well I finished doing clean up on is Travis from No More Heroes. I want this piece to look like stock art so I'll need sometime to get the colours right and find a good filter layer to get that gritty look.

ok so heres a piece that I sat down and did last night and I started off with a car, I really liked the design of this car (It's an Renault Alpine A110) So I sketched off the car, then wanted to ad more stuff to it instead of just the car. One thing I've discovered about how I draw is that I always like to add a story to things when I can. Even something to give it some depth or reason I like doing it.

What started as a relatively simple piece got me going on BG's again. I'll sit down and finish these pieces I swear. But anyway, I was going for a european mountain road that runs along the Spanish coast where theres a small village and a gorgeous view of the sea. I can see the image in my head, but drawing the town will be a pain hahaha!

Finally, as you might have noticed I changed my page around again. And with the new page layout I figured I'd change the top banner for it. So I finished that piece a while ago and thought I'd just leave it and move on. But now that I see it everytime I load up my blog.. the errors stab my eyes.. so! I decided that I'd do some quick work to redo it and probably make it look better and actually accurate. I should be able to finish this one up pretty quickly.

Anyways, thanks to all who come visit! Feel free to comment, suggest, criticize!


Mike said...
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Mike said...

The car drawing with the BG is sweet, you have to finish it now!

Ben Ling said...

Looks awesome man! I'd love to see the ryu vs ken illo finished. There's some great posing in there, not to mention a well layed out and fitting background.

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