Thursday, October 05, 2006

Have you ever travelled time? While still counting the seconds as they pass normally?

Well they did for me! My last post was made on July 5th and only now October 5th (ohh the 5th again.. weird....) Did I last get to update my Blog. Well it's been a absolutely CRAZY 3 months, and it all went by in what seems by the blink of an eye. Drinking up with the boyz, working like mad, packing madness, airport madness, living arrangements madness, aquiring furniture madness, and now life drawing and portfolio madness.

Looking back at things this was a big move for me. leaving my family (My mom), friends, the comfort of a decent job and a vehicle to get around. It was pretty cushy to be honest. Just not something I'd like to do for the rest of my life. Which makes this move that much sweeter.

I've been in Vancouver since the 19th and I feel that I've settled in just fine! Since I've gotten here I've been to life drawing several times and feel that I'm improving. I'm learning Flash now, and generally I feel like Im on top of everything so it's a really nice feeling. I guess the only factor is... I still need a job. But thats not too bad, since I have so much time I can focus on my PF and have nothing around to distract me! besides the internet... (did I mention I have no TV? but the rest of the place is furnished?) Anyway. Since I know alot of people have been asking what my place looks like, here are a series of photos I took of the place. Welcome to Chan Pad!
(From left to right starting from top photos) my computer area/work/procrastination/creationstation center (part of my room). The Kitchen, the living room and dining table and the living room with a book shelf full of Shayne's movies.

Anyway, i'd like to keep talking but it's 7:13am so Im in dire need of sleep, but when I post again (which will be soon this time I promise) I'll be posting up artwork and stuff. So anyway, new life in a new city with new beginnings. For me, Van is where it will all begin!

*note* forgive my horrid layout with the pics.. they kinda didn't format the way I wanted them to go....

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Jarrett said...

Shit dude! Apartment looks sick! Love it. Looks nice. Glad to hear you're settling in so well! I'm heading home for Thanks Giving, and it'll be weird without the Chan Man in town! ttyl