Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day in the life of Chan Update! Part 1!

So I've offically been in Vancouver for a month now. How does it feel you might ask? AMAZING!! I really like this city alot! I have my close friends I've know for a long time out here, settling in and getting in with the even my friends friends couldn't be easier.

I do miss Ottawa from time to time, but Im pretty sure that it'd happen the same way as it does for both Dan and Justin who go back every Christmas. It's a city of gradual change, and the people... well dont change, it's an Ottawa thing.

Anyway, it's a picture update this time around, some update photos of the place, still no wall frame pics, I dont have that kinda luxury money. Later will come plants and wall mount pics. but in the meantime, heres some other pics.
ok so organizing format with this thing is quite possibly the most frustrating thing in the world. It's like pulling teeth to try and organize this shit...

Anyway. Some new update pics include:

Another shot of my room on the top right, this pic is the area next to my computer, where my dresser and bed are. My rooms not badly sized at all. Compared to my room in Ottawa it's abit small, but it's a good size so Im happy. The next pic on the right is the living room revised. More room up front for people playing games, couch is moved around and now we have a TV! How about that! I got a pretty good deal on it too, ($180 for a Sony Trinitron 27" /w stand) Next picture down doesn't really need much description. Thats the video game shelf. We got a DC, PS2, Saturn, SNES, Xbox. N64 and a VCR. The game cube is in the stand since we use it the most when we have people over. The last shot is a shot of Shayne's room from the other side, right next to his door he's got his table with his computer and his MOUNTAIN OF VIDEO GAMES AND VIDEO GAME PARAPHERNALIA!!!! (ECHO Echo echo). Anyway thats the most recent update, I dont think much is going to change for now. At least until I score a job.

In other news I recently setup my new site for my portfolio. My friend Jarrett had the right idea so I decided to do the flattering thing and copy his idea. the site is: which Im going to be updating shortly if not today. In the meantime it's going to be a double post day today on Chan's Blog Spot! as I have some new pictures to post as well. With that said, welcome to Part 1 of 2 of Chan's Blog's Update for Today!


Jarrett said...

YOOOOO!!!! Man, your place looks awesome. I want to visit. Help me visit.. whatever that means. Anyway, looks like you've settled in. I hope your portfolio development is going well. Post some on your newly-made "Chris Chan Portfolio 2006" blog! I shall say hi to Bianca for you. Film work is busy man. Trying to get this sucker finished for March. We shall see! I'll drop you a line (on cell, home phone still badly messed up even after Cogeco guy 'fixed' it)

Gally said...

NICE pic, bro. Too hilarious.

...and isn't that my dreamcast on the shelf there?! :O