Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So.. about that update... Funny story, yah see...

Well it's coming kinda late but.. Hey! Better late then never right? ... Hello? This thing on?...

Anyway, I've been going through quite a bit these past couple of weeks. (multiple birthdays, regular bar outings, redoing PF stuff which is VERY TIME CONSUMING) However the biggest hamper the my schedule, I sprained my wrist which I couldn't use it for basically a week and a half. When your not working a week is a LONG TIME. I guess the nice thing is I got my Japanese copy of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. Which kept me company for all of 3 days of that week... ahh I want the 3rd game to come out.. it's like that feeling after finishing up with a comic book and having to wait till next month to get the next one.. just it's the 8th.. which means you still have like 26 days left till the next issue comes out.. well sort of like that but will probably be a year... arrrghh..

But it might not be a bad thing considering that I actually need to work on my PF, on the flip side, its kinda bad that I picked up FF III and Children of Mana... oh gad the opportunities for procrastination... and the WORST OFFENDER!! Nintendo Wii and Zelda: The Twilight Princess! Man that game is great, and the Wii is a great system.. man I gotta stop playing that and the Wii Sport games!!

But enough of that! I actually have been getting work done! (no seriously here) So Im just going to post up my line clean ups on some characters I've been working on, and one coloured piece that I did for a very flat style, Dexter's Lab look. Anyway, here they are:

The first character is named Jake, I was just thinking of making a bunch of kids in it. All pretty young and I decided to give him a bat (don't ask me why, maybe Dead Rising has made a permanent mark on me) The second character is a girl, I called her Nancy, and I gave her a golf club. I figured I'd give the guy a bat the girls going to need something to slug at someone. So why not a golf club? Now I'd like to post more in this post but moving pictures around with blogger completely screws up format of the post, so Im just going to make another post with the rest of the character designs. This is the one thorn in this rose of a site, it's PICTURE POSTING ARRGHH! Anyway, enjoy these!

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