Monday, April 28, 2008

Older Art (Part 2 of 2)

This girls got a plane on her head. I don't know what inspired it, maybe I thought it'd be cool to do someone with a plane for head gear!

Ok first off.. yeah I know she's a bit mis-proportioned hahaha! She's a character from a game called Odin Sphere on PS2. It sucks when you put a lot of detail into a picture only to realize that your proportions are off

This manga-esqe panel is from something I drew up for my friend John of both his car (the NSX) and my car in a Wangan Midnight style highway race.

This one is from work during Grossology, I think this was from the second time I got a scene to do in the show so I had to tackle doing more lip syncing and posing out my scenes ahead of time. I don't do that much anymore, and looking at this I figure maybe I should start doing it again, it was a lot of fun.

Ninja girl with super forced perspective! I always liked doing forced perspective stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's wrong in alot of places

This guy is a character from a game called 'Cave Story' done by an indie game developer. I played alittle bit of it but I never finished it. It was pretty good though, total 8-bit throw back to good platformers.

When I was at Mercury there was a posting around about making an idea for a short we could do. It kind of got me thinking about a fun show involving teenage kids so I sort of drew this random girl with a mean tilt on to her head. Oh and a quick sketch of katamari sort of looking character. Maybe he has an Arkanoid ship for a head or something.

Anyway thats all for my older stuff. I didn't have a whole lot of time to draw at the old studio.. or maybe that was the excuse I made for myself hahaha!

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macaronni said...

Odin Sphere was awesome. So was Cave Story :D