Monday, April 28, 2008

New Stuff! (Part 2 of 2)

Ok so all this stuff in this post is stuff within the past 2 weeks or so, so now we're within the really recent stuff, along with the post I made on friday of last week. Anyway this one I was goofing aroudn with more kung-fuish poses and then MUPPET BATTORU. Did you ever have one of those raggity dolls you whipped around when you were a toddler? What if they had a KUNG FU FIGHT!? Maybe it'd look like this?

I really slowed down on drawing in general so now I'm finding I need to just do more posing to make sure I don't get things too stiff. Oh man, if my design teacher Tom saw this he'd be crying... heck, he probably is still crying "How is Chris working in animation?! He's still got so much too learn!!"
Once again more posting, oh man this girl on the left the torso is too huge and I don't even know what happened to her hips and mid section. The picture on the right I was trying to get the heavier hips going and push the pose from a different angle. Then I thought, what if I made it look like Chun Li from SF Alpha.. and then she was Chun Li from SF Alpha...
Heres more Early works with posing, gotta get my posing down and try and make them stronger. Also posing out some of the character from the show I'm working on. Except for the girl in the magician outfit. She's a shrunken version of Trucy Wright from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for Nintendo DS. (Awesome game, totally recommend it for good story and hilarious characters)
Posing posing and more posing. Just trying to get stronger posing again and shake the rust off. My personal favorite is the guy in the top left pulling a one cheek sneak.
OK so these guys here are from an idea I had with my boss Glen about making a character whose a washed up mexican wrestler who works at a 7 eleven. I really tried to do a more Ren and Stimpy style of face design and really push expressions more.
This is a quick panel of a short idea I came up with for my friend Ragnar's characters he came up with. They're all looking a a smashed bread bun instead of what you might think to be is.... doo doo... Either way I thought it was funny

Posing posing and more posing once again, really trying to get back into things. You can probably tell that some of the poses I have are repeated again. Just because I really want to push characters further, and thats what all my teachers used to say so that idea has always stuck with me.

Anyway thats the end of the big update! 4 posts in one night or... one morning.. gah it's 3am.. and I gotta be up at 7:45... well... I'm boned... but for everyone else looking, ENJOY!

leave a comment, suggestions whatever I'd love to hear from whoever comes to this blog! (probably not many... ahh.. my people....)


Dan szilagyi said...

good stuff man,
how is work going by the way? would you know if you guys need any extra people there? i.e BG/Design/animation etc?
I'm needing some work pretty bad so if you could ask around i'd be grateful man.

take care


TH3DEN said...

awesome, the farting dude rocks. keep em coming :D

Johnny Castuciano said...

Nice Chan keep on Keepin on!! great posing! we should definitely do some life drawing at metrotown sometime soon....oh and......RUSTY TROM-BOOOOOOOOONE!

pablo pablo said...

Nice jobs!