Monday, April 28, 2008

New Stuff! (Part 1 of 2)

OK so time for some current stuff! Here some quick posing I was doing for the show I'm workin on now, just goofing around with the characters abit. (The quick sketches on the middle to top right are done by Glen Kennedy, our studios animation director, stand up guy with loads of experience in the field (remember He-man? thats what I mean by experience) and is an awesome guy to work for) Wanna find out more about this show, check out the company website here!

This is a character Aigis from a game called Persona 3. I liked her design alot since she contrasted so much to the rest of the class that was mainly in a school uniform.

Some quick sketches of posing another character from the show I'm working on, and the bottom right is.. uhh Andrew W K's guide to partying hard. My friend Shaun and I got into his music for about a week until we started throwing our backs out from partying too hard... hence 'fig 3.' remember boys and girls, party hard, but party with good posture

Kaneda from Akira, I realized I had never done any artwork from Akira. Maybe because I was too afraid of it being way off model and well.. this is no exception hahaha!

These are 2 more sketches of characters from Persona 3. The one on the top right is Aigis again. And the bottom left is the main character. It was suppose to be a larger picture and his head isn't suppose to just be exploding there was suppose to be something else. But to explain it would take me a while and I dont feel like doing it, so... just google Persona 3 to find out if you want too!

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